Subfloor Vacuuming

The subfloor cavity of your raised access floor system is the most important area of your data center. Dust particles, unhealthy paper clippings and miscellaneous debris are constantly re-circulated throughout this cavity and eventually become airborne into your equipment. Utilizing a HEPA filtered system, diagnosis our Data Center Subfloor Vacuuming program extracts these contaminates making the environment safer for your equipment and personnel. During this process, capsule we can also identify potential problems such as missing understructure, A/C leaks, loose pedestals, etc.

Another addition to this service is the HAND WIPING of the raised floor understructure. During the subfloor vacuuming process we can provide an additional service in that we hand wipe every pedestal, stringer, and panel to remove any data center contaminants.

Biannual – DCSI Recommended