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Unlike other grates the DirectAire angles the airflow toward the equipment achieving a 93% Total Air Capture (TAC) rate by a standard server rack.

This means 93% of the airflow delivered through the grate is entering the face of the server rack, providing the highest cooling capacity and energy efficiency of any grate on the market.

The elimination of bypass air saves operating expensesin existing facilities and reduces captial expedentures on coolin equipment in new facilities. DirectAire's superior load performance is ideal fo retrofit and new contruction, easliy integrating into your existing raised floor system.

Tate's SmartAire electronically controlled variable air volume damper adjusts the amount of air passing through an individual airlfow panel to meet the specifi needs of the rack it services.

Sensors mounted to the front of the rack control the VAV damper to vary the amount of airflow, ensuring the proper inlet air temperature is maintianed on a rack by rack basis.

This flexibility can help implement virtualization, cloud computing and idle server shudwon strategies while saving energy.

Tate's PowerAire fan assist module is designed to provide a blast of cooling through an individual airflow panel.

Using sensors mounted to the front of the rack the fan will automatically turn on when conditions require additional cooling.

Equipped with a variable speed fan drive, the fan can be throttled up or down based on the heat load requirements.

This powerful solution is ideal for solving the toughest hot spots in a data center.

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